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Our first Ohemaa Green Housing Tiny House is situated on the rooftop of Accra Impact Hub in Osu!
We invite you to visit and discover the pioneering concept of our homes.

Witness firsthand Ghana's most innovative accomodation.

Our 1st challenge:
High affordable housing deficit

In many African countries, a significant portion of the housing stock is self-built. This trend is driven by the high construction costs relative to low household incomes and limited financing options, often resulting in mortgage rates exceeding 20%. Moreover, Africa's urban areas currently face a housing deficit of 60 million units, a number projected to reach 224 million units by 2030 due to rapid urbanization and population growth. Notably, our target market, Ghana, currently experiences a housing deficit of 1.8 million units.

recycelter Kunststoff

Our 2nd challenge:
Vast amounts of plastic waste

The production of plastic in Africa amounted to 52,000 tons in 2021, with a recycling rate of merely 4%. It is projected that by 2030, this figure will exceed 72,000 tons.

Based on data sources, Ghana currently generates approximately 3,000 tons of plastic daily, with a recycling rate of 5%.


Ohemaa Green Housing offers a unique 2-in-1 solution, leveraging our partnership with a seasoned technology provider, to effectively address both challenges.

2-in-1 Solution

At Ohemaa Green Housing, we are driven by our mission to construct affordable homes through the use of eco-friendly bricks made from recycled plastics. These blocks are designed to interlock seamlessly, eliminating the need for mortar and enabling swift assembly. Our commitment to affordability is founded on the cost-effectiveness of recycled plastic material and the efficiency of our construction process. To support this mission, we are in the fundraising process for a state-of-the-art factory in Ghana that will produce the bricks. We deliver our first construction projects in 2024.


Technological innovation makes it possible to produce the building blocks cost-effectively.

Depending on the price of the input material, construction can be up to 50% cheaper than conventional methods. 


As with Lego, the system is simple to assemble. In

addition, there is no need for special prior knowledge

to construct the system.


House units of, for example, 40 sqm can be built within 5 days with 5 people.


The modular system allows deconstruction of the house, meaning if there is a desire to move, this can be realized.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide affordable and aesthetically pleasing homes to the average African individual, beginning with our operations in Ghana. We achieve this goal by constructing houses using recycled plastic bricks, which not only lowers construction costs but also enables faster building processes. Through this approach, we also make a positive environmental impact by reducing plastic waste

" We strongly believe that two big challenges we're facing in this century are the need for affordable housing and the urgent task of cleaning up our environment from plastics. If we don't take the right action, these challenges will only become more intense as time goes on. We also recognize that plastic isn't going away anytime soon, so it's crucial for us to find new ways to use it that are sustainable and environmentally friendly"  - 
Augustina Busiah, CEO


plastic savings by building a 40 sqm house


average duration for building a 40 sq. house


starting price of our basic furnished homes*


Supporters in our network

*Basic furnishes: raw structure including bathroom and kitchen

Our Values







OUR OGH Network

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OGH Update

Sep. 2022

AiDia Pitch

(Hamburg, Germany)

1st runner-up AiDia Pitch

Dez. 2022

Prototype marketing

event with Impact Hub

(Accra, Ghana)

OGH Marketing event


Prototype turning into an Airbnb 

(Accra, Ghana)

Prototype - Airbnb transition

Last year, we achieved a significant milestone by winning Germany's first Afro-German business pitch. With the financial support we received, we were able to take the next step in our business milestone plan: constructing our first prototype in Ghana

In collaboration with our established network and new partners, we successfully organized a marketing event to showcase our first prototype to over 100 stakeholders. Thanks to the support of Impact Hub Accra, we were able to construct and host the prototype in the vibrant heart of Osu, Accra

In addition to our ongoing preparations to establish production capacity, we are excited to announce our plans to transform our first house into an exceptional rooftop Airbnb experience. Yes, you read that right – the house is situated on a rooftop! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to receive updates on how you can get involved.

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Vision & Mission

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