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the visIon

providing sustainable living on african ground



global plastic waste


access to affordable housing units


GHana produces 3000 tons  Plastic waste/day 

<2% is recycled.

About 23 % of that  flows into the ocean.


1.8 Mio. Housing units are

MIssing. A Rapid population growth increases the need for fast built and affordable solutions


what are we doing

We are currently building up a value chain that will enable us to do the following in the future:


1) production of building blocks from recycled plastic waste

in Ghana with primarily local plastic waste.


2.) Building Tiny Houses with the building blocks from recycled plastic waste. 


3) Advice to Tiny House owners regarding efficient furnishing of Tiny Houses.


our customers

It has proven to be a considerable challenge to sell house units directly to the people who need them most. This is mainly due to the fact that a large part of the population is educated in the informal sector. High interest rates and lack of creditworthiness are a major issue. For this reason, we focus on clients who act as intermediaries by either subsidising the costs or guaranteeing payment. Therefore, our clients mainly consist of :



Governmental institutions 


Private institutions

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